domingo, 3 de julho de 2011

Anarcho-bourgeois? What is this?

In the interlude between the comfortable condition and maintenance of a bourgeois intellectual vanity comes a childlike figure exotic, like a klaus, gimmicky and largely bizarre, people who take possession of a title to representatives of an anarchist or libertarian movement to press ways and means by the strange history of the libertarian movement itself, both the principles and the characteristics that these gentlemen have.
A bit of a TV reporter did a story with some of these pictures that describe themselves as anarchists, which greatly surprised me was the social status of these gentlemen, and very wealthy owners of luxury homes. The distance between these figures and the concept of a revolutionary or even the basis of anarchism is gigantic, not ruling the conduct of anyone, but the disadvantage that these people do to the anarchist ideal is enormous. It would undoubtedly be very useful not called or anarchist libertarians. The association of the anarchist with terrorists was used by fascist propaganda and the bourgeois and bosses for a long time to degrade the moral ideal and anarchist, the same being done by bourgeois intellectuals of anarchism by associating the image with the figure of petty bourgeois and " intelectualóides "cocky.
Do not these people see nothing but a mediocre existence seeking attention for himself, but causing great harm to an ideal that has been so badly maligned and cursed, I would love to continue playing with your life confetti at each other and seek other labels for themselves, since they are so good at their texts flourish devoid of feelings and truth, but full of verbs and architectures language clean, only vanity.
The revolution is not made with the well-born intellectuals throwing confetti and cheering his books, history shows that it is in the heat of agitation of the masses forge a revolutionary movement and real ownership but without much feeling of anger and positive action.
Health and anarchy.

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