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The philosophy and politics

The political issue is not a new problem to be considered by philosophy, this concern has a similar history to the history of human civilization, yet the concepts are viewed from the standpoint of philosophy from the questions of Greek thinkers like Socrates and Aristotle among others, the philosophical proposition that political expose of the questions here departs from Aristotle and Socrates by his rational character given the concerns that addresses this ideal, and the revolutionary atmosphere in which they develop their premises-based, developed through conceptual reflection of several thinkers who committed at a time of concern about the non-compliance to traditional concepts and social injustices have dared to think beyond, and we have a different way of understanding the political organization to build a fairer society, a political philosophy coined anarchism. Anarchism is a proposal that dares to break the standards set by the intellectual ideals convenient lazy and biased, and maintain political analysis of true and disinterested in providing concepts for the maintenance of interest in the maintenance of power the ruling classes, as its main concern is the extinction of political power, giving rise to the right political universal. The anarchist action promotes equality in that it consists in their freedom to be the most appropriate way to establish social justice and human happiness.
Throughout human history there were different ways of understanding the man, both in terms of their subjective condition and in their social relations. But the condition is evident from the first man who is to be an active agent in the environment in which man lives is not a passive character in the story, he builds and designs according to their values ​​and the environment in which they live.  Influencing and being influenced by the social environment in which they live.
The social values ​​are largely the sum of the values ​​of the individuals who compose society.
In ancient Greece, despite concerns about the welfare and rights and duties of citizens, we must not forget that the Greek economy was based on the use of slaves as labor, a society where the economy was slavery. Then the Greek man was the center of anthropological, but slaves were not considered men but animals.The distinction between classes and social inequality are hallmarks in the history of organized states, the legitimate defense and the oligarchs are preserved by the sword.
Rousseau speaks of the great liar that about a piece of land and say it is mine, and find a bunch of gullible enough to believe.Next comes "Man is born free and everywhere is in chains."Proudhon speaks of private property and theft, in order to demonstrate an analogy between the two principles. It states that private property is theft and a thief is one who possesses it.
Bakunin speaks of the power of education as an agent of corruption of man, the thinker power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
The way society is structured and organized is the great social problem, societies past and present political systems have not formed based on the questions of a sociological, but only economic, social relationships are the result of economic necessity and maintenance of individual in the community. So do political systems disabled and without any commitment to the social relations that does not exceed the maintenance of the economy. Capitalist society came about through this view, clear that the various causes involved and historical events, which do not compose the pursuit of happiness of man.
Think of society as it stands today is in some way, take a look at the past, and understand the legacy that was passed.
If today's capitalist society, or state capitalism which is called "Marxism" is composed of individuals who do not have their values ​​based on equality, freedom, solidarity, social justice, providing the pursuit of happiness to all social actors, is result of a system with only bases Economists. Where what matters is to produce and consume, often no matter what is consumed nor what is produced.
But man is not the "economic man", the economic needs are not an end in itself, is a constant for all conditions. Man is "social man" and the organizational structure of companies shall be considered from this human condition.
What was shown by the restlessness of anarchist thinkers and intellectuals who have developed important work in order to think of a social ideal that in fact communicate with the reality of social agents and can provide better living conditions for people in an action-oriented for equality and social justice. Ideal one that proposes a dialogue with the reality being experienced and wise in their premises as they will always serve society in the rightness of their needs and desires.

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