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Advances in technology and society

In today's information society the world has become globalized cultures and values have changed and needs have evolved. The distance between different cultures and their way of understanding the world is diminishing click, and this pace is that the technology industry tends to work and offer solutions to this new citizen who is always ready to use and experiment new technologies, and assimilate new information and knowledge. Not competing with their habits and values or replacing them, but adding, bringing an alternative to the daily exercise of living in society.Emphasize the importance of the technological revolution is to recognize a successful association, advances in several areas of science and new technologies of communication and information, to make better use of information and knowledge developed.A great cultural and economic rapprochement occurred at the beginning of capitalism, (when he first the Navigations, the expansion of trade and the end of the feudal system in the seventeenth century) was the beginning of globalization. Since then the world is going through a process of changes in the formatting of their values and customs, globalized perspectives are social, personal, economic, cultural and educational.The development of information technologies has brought a revolution in communications and information flows, the social world breaks up the individual world, altering the behavior and thinking of individuals and their communities.The technology enables the interaction between people in all branches of society, in search of wisdom and knowledge, learning is working for the advancement and betterment of society.By sharing the same information an understanding of the collective need to build on common views, through conferences of unions and associations of individual propositions into a collective universe, through a network that connects them that connects them to other interpretations of the same message that is and can be shared and reinterpreted.The knowledge in multiple forms of processing is today a moment build a store of common references and associations, a unified hypertext network, a shared context, can decrease the risk of misunderstanding.Advances in information and communication technologies, as well as various areas of technology provide the ability to change and perfect in various fields of human knowledge, whether related to production of goods and products as in facilitation of research and knowledge construction. The softwares are working tools for many professionals, as well as serve as a learning tool for different subjects and disciplines in schools and colleges. Information circulates with greater speed and flexibility in raising and promotion of ideas through the information network, the internet through forums, chats, blogs and other sites of formatting a virtual network enables dialectic of research results and content that will being appreciated. Sharing with peers the opinions and knowledge you use.With these changes the social values and needs of individuals also experience changes in thinking, and there is a clear shift in focus towards understanding and needs of people who understood it in faith that made up the answers to all questions, now have the ability to see beyond, the reason being to see the information at his disposal. Now provides information to anyone who has access to formulate answers to their concerns that can help you better understand the world around them.But technological advances have left the ills of industrial society, the differences between rights and duties that provided huge inequalities between the higher classes and the lack of economic power. What could bring about great social change since the possibility of sharing knowledge through the revolution in media and information, one of the most important social advances which is the technological revolution, generates actually more a social gap. The "digitally excluded", which does not have access to information and communication technologies can not participate or even keep up with technological developments.Entrepreneurs in industries that have a large capital invested in their industries and modernize its production facilities, which creates unemployment and bankruptcy of small manufacturers who can not compete with large companies.In the field the effects of unequal sharing of new technologies gives rise to similar occurred in the industry, farmers and ranchers to large, agribusiness entrepreneurs have access to advanced information and knowledge to handle and deal with their cultures. What prevents the small farmer to compete with the landowner, or even maintain their activities without having to apply for grants and loans to the government, preventing its work and its maintenance.
Technological advancement has brought the solution to the problems left by the industrial revolution, such as social inequality, and the progressive values that the proposed order and much progress in the midst of a clear and growing social unrest fostered in part by differences between social classes, and injustices generated by it. Technology gave us powerful tools for creating and disseminating knowledge, in order to generate better welfare and perhaps give happiness to everyone, but it is necessary to have the heart to use the technology for this purpose. The machines not only make sense, calculate manufacturing only man can promote justice and equality, in order to use technology to benefit all and not to promote oligarchies, and some few to the detriment of others.

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