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The search for truth is what gives meaning to human beings? Why?

The human being has a specific meaning to their existence, life is not tied to any specific purpose or goal, this way of understanding life is the result of positivist thinking and systematic in Western society and the entire liberal philosophy, which always was guided by the understanding that everything has a beginning, development and a specific purpose, or meaning. Life is not tied to this setting in a cast. The fact is the existence and not the meaning of existence.
"Mankind must situate its end beyond itself, not on a world-error, but in the continuation of itself.
Our nature is to create a superior being to ourselves. Build up ourselves! This is the instinct of action and work. Just as all will assume an end, so the man who is supposed to be a gift, but it represents the end of all existence. Is this the freedom of all will! At the end is love, veneration, the vision of perfect desire. ("...)( Nietzsche).
The philosopher thinks about being a cyclical comprises its end in itself rather than a posthumous goal or a mission to be achieved, leaving no note and that it is a reference to humanize the meaning of life, not systematic and without building complex logical systems or scientistic theories about life and the reason for existence, which basically are just beautiful sand castles.
"What is man, the new man, which should create a new sense of earth, leaving the old chains and cut the old stems. The man must invent the new man, that is, the superman, the man who goes beyond the man and what is man that loves the land and whose values are health, strong will, love, drunkenness and Dionysian new pride.Zarathustra says: "A new pride has taught me my Self and I teach men: you must not longer hide our heads in the sand of heavenly things, but keep it free: the earthly head, which itself creates a sense of the earth" . 
(The Superman, Nietzsche)
It is through understanding that the values they taught us so far are not unquestionable truths that culture and custom and convenience of the society in which we operate throughout history, has been electing truths according to the convenience of the holder of the Class social prerogatives (economic / political / religious), is that truths are established consecutively and the meaning of life. "A new pride myself teaching me ...".
Nietzsche proclaims in rebelling against the constraints and conditions of the bonds of moral institutionalized education dressage. Deny obedience and not just accept the pre-established truths, not without a fight. ("Human beings throughout history have invented values ranging from acceptance, denial, resignation, conformity and weakness on one side, and also the rejection, regret, and renounce all the values of obedience, all inherited rules and not evaluated, the hypocritical humility ...).(Araujo).
Believe that the truth lies in the transcendent rationality (Kant) or systematic empiricism (Bacon) becomes ultimately an act of faith, or acceptance of the truth has become purely a bunch of theories and considerations so complex at times fleeing the understanding of any mortal. What does not fit with the search for truth, but hides it perhaps the fragility of some arguments. For Nietzsche the truth is intertwined with a human understanding of social facts in a purely human.
The question of the meaning of life is so intrinsically linked to knowledge of truth, the search for truth is a philosophical concern which has not shied away thinkers on this issue.
According to Campbell has always been a major focus of investigation of Nietzsche, who argues that the metaphysical foundations of moral values is dogmatism and overrides certain values over others. It is believed the establishment of a truth the more we can provide value to arguments his thesis.
According to Campbell, "The belief is that the truth could not be sought as something on the order of experiments and phenomena, and must be located in another world situated beyond the sensible. The idea of dogmatic truth appears connected with the dependence of the belief in a real world behind the appearance. "
But how to believe in a true socially constituted in a society where values are contaminated by the lack of relief in the investigative process.
As we understand the lack of impartiality in the description, the more the truth becomes compromised. "The man knows only the effect of the laws of nature, and not themselves. The activity of knowing is a means of achieving power. To counter the illusion that we live, we must develop an artistic force. The world we perceive is a masterpiece of the senses and intellect " Araujo.
The philosophy is the tool that man has to investigate the truth, not to proclaim it there permanently, but to grope the true knowledge in an infinite universe of things and issues to discover and reinvent.
The thinker invites us to doubt this movement and to devise a critical sense that we drove down the path of truth but without ever consolidating it, but only get a look haphazard and partial.
To which one can not attribute specifies the life, the truth is committed to the value assigned to it by social beings, life goes on without a predetermined goal without specific reason. Nietzsche stresses there will only power the more it feeds the desire of Mr feeds life, where life has a cyclical rather than linear function, life is not confused with a pragmatic and laborious task, but as an artistic exercise.
The human being must seek the meaning of life itself, since even their beliefs and assertions are the fruits of his creation logic, algebra, mathematics are not human creations to life is not pragmatic life is akin to an expression art, a song or a painting and not a sum, a mathematical operation. So you can not make the life a sense a meta cast a dogmatic truth.

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