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Reflections on the formation, the importance of self-concept and self-efficacy as an important variable in the learning process.

When we think of the idea of training it takes us to an action of changing form, redefining boundaries, the redesign that is intertwined with education. Since they are themselves a set of methods or actions that will render the development of the thing itself or the person being educated. Training roughly be understood as forms of reset something, and education to redefine the behavior of someone modifying their way of relating to the environment and with other employees' people. What would be convenient to say that education is largely the way it handles the human. At first it seems somewhat of an authoritarian, as the training or human skills are understood, to some extent as a natural and common to all to serve the education, if not to redefine the individual for it to become socially be accepted and formed a new pipeline, so disciplined and instructed on how to be an individual action in accordance with the convenience of the society he participates. What makes humans the only creatures that need training, discipline and education to become what he really is. What in itself seems odd, but we think it serves the training and who really matters to the individual or society? The challenge of education and human development is just that, seeing as people without interfering in their autonomy, how to form citizens who are not alienated from their freedom. Autonomy is an inalienable condition of the citizen who has guaranteed his freedom, and be able to relate to people without being conditioned and dust driven educational policies and authoritarian methods. The idea behind a self perspective-taking by pate consciousness of the individual who is not only the mercy of training pre-defined by the educational system and social convenience, but also part of the relationship with other people. The individual image sets a good image of himself which is a facilitator in interpersonal relationships. The formation process of self-concept is developed through the relationship of the individual from his childhood with the people she lives and the positive reactions that people have that interaction, which will provide a better adaptation of the individual with the world around them. An understanding of the ideal society should start from that society is made up of individuals and is in that these individuals are capable beings to pursue happiness and solve their problems is that society had developed in the same direction, and a better society adapted for collusion between the approximate and people concerned with each. "The traffic between self and society takes place in both directions. The ideas and feelings about yourself affect the way how is the interpretation of events, as they are remembered and how is the reaction of others. But in contrast, others help to shape the sense of self. "(Marino). As it is there the self-efficacy where the individual has the ability to assess and determine their powers and goals, in the opinion of others can also cause changes in personnel evaluation. However the need for self-efficacy is relevant, not to be hostage to the other's opinion, but we politicize our dialogue and action when it is socially required. In the process of teaching and learning and the fundamental condition for healthy and above all to the appropriation of individual self-consciousness. 

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